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Current password 當前密碼
New password 新密碼
Confirm new password 確認新密碼
Save 儲存
Password Too Short 密碼太短
Password Validation Passes 密碼驗證通過
Passwords do Not Match 密碼不匹配
Passwords Match 密碼匹配
Web Basic Authentication configured, but no username was passed from the web server. Please make sure you have authentication enabled on the web server. 已配置Web基本身份驗證,但未從Web服務器傳遞用戶名。請確保您在Web服務器上啟用了身份驗證。
%s authenticated by Web Server, but both Template and Guest Users are not defined in Cacti. %s由Web Server進行身份驗證,但模板和來賓用戶都未在Cacti中定義。
LDAP Search Error: %s LDAP搜索錯誤:%s
LDAP Error: %s LDAP錯誤:%s
Template user id %s does not exist. 模板用戶ID%s不存在。
Guest user id %s does not exist. 來賓用戶ID%s不存在。
Access Denied, please contact you Cacti Administrator. 訪問被拒絕,請與您聯繫Cacti管理員。
Cacti 仙人掌
Enter your Username and Password below 在下面輸入您的用戶名和密碼
Login to Cacti 登錄Cacti
User Login 用戶登錄
Password 密碼
Local 本地
Realm 領域
Keep me signed in 保持登錄狀態
Login 登入
Invalid User Name/Password Please Retype 無效的用戶名/密碼請重新輸入
User Account Disabled 用戶帳戶已禁用
General 一般
User Account Details 用戶帳戶明細
Tree View 樹狀圖
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Propagated Translated Cacti/flowview
Propagated Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x)


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