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Results 結果
<not set> 設為預設
Data Source Repair Recommendations 數據源字段
Issue 問題
For attrbitute '%s', issue found '%s' 對於attrbitute'%s',問題發現'%s'
Apply Suggested Fixes 重新申請建議的名稱
Repair Steps [ %s ] 修復步驟[%s]
Repair Steps [ Run Fix from Command Line ] 修復步驟[從命令行運行修復]
Command 命令
Waiting on Data Source Check to Complete 等待數據源檢查完成
All Devices 所有設備
Data Source Troubleshooter [ %s ] 數據源問題排查工具[%s]
No Device 裝置:
Delete All Checks 刪除檢查
Profile 個人資料
All 全部
Failed 失敗
Debugging 調試
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Data Input Method 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下數據輸入方法
Click 'Continue' to duplicate the following Data Input Method(s). You can optionally change the title format for the new Data Input Method(s). 單擊“繼續”以復制以下數據輸入方法。您可以選擇更改新數據輸入法的標題格式。
Input Name: 輸入名稱:
Delete Data Input Method 刪除數據輸入法
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Data Input Field. 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下數據輸入字段。
Field Name: %s 字段名稱:%s
Friendly Name: %s 友好名稱:%s
Remove Data Input Field 刪除數據輸入字段
This script appears to have no input values, therefore there is nothing to add. 此腳本似乎沒有輸入值,因此無需添加任何內容。
Output Fields [edit: %s] 輸出字段[編輯:%s]
Output Field 輸出字段
Input Fields [edit: %s] 輸入字段[編輯:%s]
Input Field 輸入欄
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Cacti/core
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x)
Propagated Translated Cacti/syslog
Propagated Translated Cacti/mikrotik
Propagated Translated Cacti/gexport
Propagated Translated Cacti/mactrack
Propagated Translated Cacti/thold
Propagated Translated Cacti/flowview
Propagated Translated Cacti/webseer
Propagated Translated Cacti/audit
Propagated Translated Cacti/hmib


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