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New Profile RRA
Aggregation Level
The number of samples required prior to filling a row in the RRA specification. The first RRA should always have a value of 1.
How many generations data is kept in the RRA.
Default Timespan
When viewing a Graph based upon the RRA in question, the default Timespan to show for that Graph.
Based upon the Aggregation Level, the Rows, and the Polling Interval the amount of data that will be retained in the RRA
RRA Size (in Bytes)
Based upon the number of Rows and the number of Consolidation Functions selected, the size of this RRA in the RRDfile.
A useful name for this CDEF.
The name of this Color.
Hex Value
The hex value for this color; valid range: 000000-FFFFFF.
Any named color should be read only.
Enter a meaningful name for this data input method.
Input Type
Choose the method you wish to use to collect data for this Data Input method.
Input String
The data that is sent to the script, which includes the complete path to the script and input sources in <> brackets.
White List Check
The result of the Whitespace verification check for the specific Input Method. If the Input String changes, and the Whitelist file is not update, Graphs will not be allowed to be created.
Field [%s]
Choose the associated field from the %s field.
Enter a name for this %s field. Note: If using name value pairs in your script, for example: NAME:VALUE, it is important that the name match your output field name identically to the script output name or names.
Update RRDfile
Whether data from this output field is to be entered into the RRDfile.
Regular Expression Match
If you want to require a certain regular expression to be matched against input data, enter it here (preg_match format).
Allow Empty Input
Check here if you want to allow NULL input in this field from the user.
Special Type Code
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Read only Cacti/core
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Read only Cacti/reportit
Propagated Read only Cacti/core (v1.2.x)


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