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Stop 停止
Create Graph from %s 创建图形来自于 '%s'
Create %s Graphs from %s 已创建 %s 图形来自 %s
Graph [Template: %s] 图形 [模板: %s]
Graph Items [Template: %s] 图形项目 [模板: %s]
Data Source [Template: %s] 数据源 [模板: %s]
Custom Data [Template: %s] 自定义数据 [模版: %s]
New Report 新报告
Give this Report a descriptive Name 给报告起一个具有描述性的名字
Enable Report 启用报告
Check this box to enable this Report. 选中此框以开启此报告.
Output Formatting 输出格式
Use Custom Format HTML 使用自定义格式HTML
Check this box if you want to use custom html and CSS for the report. 如果您想为报告使用自定义HTML和CSS,请选中此框.
Format File to Use 格式化文件以使用
Choose the custom html wrapper and CSS file to use. This file contains both html and CSS to wrap around your report. If it contains more than simply CSS, you need to place a special <REPORT> tag inside of the file. This format tag will be replaced by the report content. These files are located in the 'formats' directory. 择要使用的自定义html包装器和CSS文件. 该文件包含html和CSS.以包装您的报告.如果它包含的不仅仅是CSS.你需要在文件中放置一个特殊的<REPORT>标签.此格式标签将被报告内容替换.
Default Text Font Size 默认文本字体大小
Defines the default font size for all text in the report including the Report Title. 定义报告中所有文本(包括报告标题)的默认字体大小.
Default Object Alignment 默认对象对齐
Defines the default Alignment for Text and Graphs. 定义文本和图形的默认对齐方式.
Graph Linked 图形链接
Should the Graphs be linked back to the Cacti site? 图形是否应该链接到Cacti 站点?
Graph Settings 图形设置
Graph Columns 图形的列
The number of Graph columns. 图形列的数量.
The Graph width in pixels. 图形宽度(以像素为单位)
The Graph height in pixels. 图形高度(以像素为单位).
Should the Graphs be rendered as Thumbnails? 图形是否应呈现为缩略图?
Email Frequency 电子邮件频率
Next Timestamp for Sending Mail Report 下一个发送邮件报告的时间戳
Start time for [first|next] mail to take place. All future mailing times will be based upon this start time. A good example would be 2:00am. The time must be in the future. If a fractional time is used, say 2:00am, it is assumed to be in the future. 邮件发送的开始时间 [首次|下次]. 未来所有的邮件将基于这个开始时间来发送.以凌晨2点举例. 时间必须在未来. 如果仅指定部分时间,比如凌晨2点, 则会假定它是在将来.
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