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Queued Boost Records: Väntar på Boost Records:
Approximate in Process: Ungefärligt i processen:
Total Boost Records: Total Boost Records:
Boost Storage Statistics Boost Storage Statistics
Database Engine: Databas Engine:
Current Boost Table(s) Size: Nuvarande Boostbord (ar) Storlek:
Avg Bytes/Record: Gem Bytes / Record:
%d Bytes % d Bytes
Max Record Length: Max inspelningslängd:
Unlimited Obegränsad
Max Allowed Boost Table Size: Max tillåten Boost tabell storlek:
Estimated Maximum Records: Uppskattade maximala poster:
Previous Runtime Statistics Runtime Statistik
Last Start Time: Sista starttid:
Last Run Duration: Sista körningstid:
%d minutes %d minuter
%d seconds %d sekunder
%0.2f percent of update frequency) % 0,2f procent av uppdateringsfrekvensen)
RRD Updates: RRD-uppdateringar:
MBytes MB
Peak Poller Memory: Peak Poller Memory:
Max Poller Memory Allowed: Max Poller minne tillåtet:
Detailed Runtime Statistics Runtime Statistik
Records: %s (ds rows), Time: %s (secs), GetRows: %s (secs), ResultsCycle: %s (secs), FileAndTemplate: %s (secs), LastUpdate: %s (secs), RRDUpdate: %s (secs), Delete: %s (secs)
Previous Runtime Timers: Detaljerad Runtime Timers:
Process: %d 1 Process
Status: <span class="deviceUp"><b>Running</b></span>, Remaining: %s (dses), CurrentRuntime: %s (secs), PrevRuntime: %s (secs), PrevProcessed: %10s (ds rows)
Status: <span class="deviceRecovering"><b>Idle</b></span>, PrevRuntime: %s (secs), PrevProcessed: %10s (ds rows)
Run Time Configuration Körtidskonfiguration
Update Frequency: Uppdateringsfrekvens:
Concurrent Processes: Samtidiga processer
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Propagated Translated Cacti/core
The following strings have different sources, but the same context.
Needs editing Cacti/hmib
Empty Cacti/gexport
Needs editing Cacti/webseer
Needs editing Cacti/thold
Needs editing Cacti/mactrack
Needs editing Cacti/wmi
Needs editing Cacti/core (v1.2.x)
Needs editing Cacti/syslog
Needs editing Cacti/mikrotik
Needs editing Cacti/core
Needs editing Cacti/reportit


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