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Choose whether to expand the Graph Templates and Data Queries used by a Device on Tree.
Tree History
If enabled, Cacti will remember your Tree History between logins and when you return to the Graphs page.
Use Custom Fonts
Choose whether to use your own custom fonts and font sizes or utilize the system defaults.
Title Font File
The font file to use for Graph Titles
Legend Font File
The font file to be used for Graph Legend items
Axis Font File
The font file to be used for Graph Axis items
Unit Font File
The font file to be used for Graph Unit items
Realtime View Mode
How do you wish to view Realtime Graphs?
New Window
System Setting
1 Week
Auto Log Out Time
For users with Console access only, how long this user can stay logged in before being automatically logged out. Note that if you have not been active in more than an hour, you may have to refresh your browser. Also note that this setting has no affect when Authentication Cookies are enabled.
You are now logged into <a href="%s"><b>Cacti</b></a>. You can follow these basic steps to get started.
<a href="%s">Create devices</a> for network
<a href="%s">Create graphs</a> for your new devices
<a href="%s">View</a> your new graphs
Remote Data Collector Status:
Number of Offline Records:
<strong>NOTE:</strong> You are logged into a Remote Data Collector. When <b>'online'</b>, you will be able to view and control much of the Main Cacti Web Site just as if you were logged into it. Also, it's important to note that Remote Data Collectors are required to use the Cacti's Performance Boosting Services <b>'On Demand Updating'</b> feature, and we always recommend using Spine. When the Remote Data Collector is <b>'offline'</b>, the Remote Data Collectors Web Site will contain much less information. However, it will cache all updates until the Main Cacti Database and Web Server are reachable. Then it will dump it's Boost table output back to the Main Cacti Database for updating.
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