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Remote Database SSL Authority
The file holding the SSL Certificate Authority to use to connect to the remote database. This is an optional parameter that can be required by the database provider if they have started SSL using the --ssl-mode=VERIFY_CA option.
You have already used this hostname '%s'. Please enter a non-duplicate hostname.
You have already used this database hostname '%s'. Please enter a non-duplicate database hostname.
Data Collector Statistics cleared.
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Data Collector. Note, all devices will be disassociated from this Data Collector and mapped back to the Main Cacti Data Collector.
Delete Data Collector
Click 'Continue' to disable the following Data Collector.
Disable Data Collector
Click 'Continue' to enable the following Data Collector.
Enable Data Collector
Click 'Continue' to Synchronize the Remote Data Collector for Offline Operation.
Click 'Continue' to Clear Data Collector Statistics for the Data Collector.
Clear Statistics for Data Collector
Site [edit: %s]
Site [new]
Remote Data Collectors must be able to communicate to the Main Data Collector, and vice versa. Use this button to verify that the Main Data Collector can communicate to this Remote Data Collector.
Test Database Connection
Collector Name
The Name of this Data Collector.
The unique id associated with this Data Collector.
The Hostname where the Data Collector is running.
The Status of this Data Collector.
The Number of Poller Processes and Threads for this Data Collector.
Polling Time
The last data collection time for this Data Collector.
The Average and Maximum Collector timings for this Data Collector.
The number of Devices associated with this Data Collector.
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