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Unknown monitoring status (%s) 未知監控狀態(%s)
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Monitor Filter [ Last Refresh: %s ] 監控過濾器[上次刷新:%s]
%s Alert for downed Devices %s已停止設備的警報
%s Alerts for downed Devices %s已停機設備的警報
Tree: %s 樹:%s
Branch: %s 分支:%s
%d ms %d ms
%0.2d ms %0.2d ms
You will receive notifications every %d minutes if the Device is above its threshold. 如果設備高於其閾值,您將每隔%d分鐘收到通知。
Click 'Continue' to %s monitoring on these Device(s) 點擊“繼續”以對這些設備進行%s監控
%d Month %d月
%d Months %d個月
%d Year %d年
Every %d Hours 每個%d小時
%d Percent Above Average %d%平均值以上