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Provide a list of ports on a specific switch/hub whose MAC results should be ignored. Ports such as link/trunk ports that can not be distinguished from other user ports are examples. Each port number must be separated by a colon, pipe, or a space ':', '|', ' '. For example, 'Fa0/1: Fa1/23' or 'Fa0/1 Fa1/23' would be acceptable for some manufacturers switch types. 提供一个特定交换机/集线器上的MAC结果应被忽略的端口列表。 链路/中继端口等端口不能与其他用户端口相区别。
每个端口号必须用冒号,管道或空格分开:','| ',' '。
例如,对于某些制造商的开关类型,Fa0 / 1:Fa1 / 23或Fa0 / 1 Fa1 / 23是可以接受的。