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Click 'Continue' to delete the following Device Type(s). 您确定要删除以下设备类型吗?
Click 'Continue' to enable the following devices. 您确定要删除以下设备吗?
Click 'Continue' to disable the following devices. 您确定要删除以下设备吗?
- Id of a set of SNMP options 选择一组SNMP选项进行尝试。
- The number of times to retry a snmp request before giving up 在发生故障前,SNMP轮询器尝试访问主机的次数。
- Specified the number of OID's that can be obtained in a single SNMP Get request 指定可以在单个SNMP Get请求中获取的OID的数量。
- SNMP V3: SNMP authentication protocol 选择SNMPv3授权协议。
Click 'Continue' to Authorize the following MAC Addresses. 您确定要授权以下MAC地址吗?
Click 'Continue' to Revoke the following MAC Addresses. 您确定要撤销以下MAC地址吗?
Click 'Continue' to Delete the following rows from Aggregated table. 您确定要删除聚合表中的以下行吗?