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Developers working on Cacti, its Architecture, Documentation and Future Releases.
Contributors to Docuemntation, QA, Packaging, the Forums and our YouTube page.
Members of the original Cacti Group that have since moved on in their careers. We continue to wish them the best.
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Run checks on currently filtered Data Sources and preserve other results
The Data Query ID [%s] that you are trying to Edit does not exist. Please run the repair_database.php CLI script to resolve this database issue.
Changing the Heartbeat from this page, does not change the Heartbeat for your existing Data Sources. Use RRDtool's 'tune' function to make that change to your existing RRDfiles heartbeats, or run the CLI utility update_heartbeat.php to correct.<br>
Enter a valid number of Rows to obtain the RRA size.
WARNING: Cacti Page:%s for User:%s Generated a Fatal Error %d!
The Document page '%s' count not be reached. The Cacti Documentation site is not reachable. The http error was '%s'. Consider downloading an official release to obtain the latest documentation and hosting the documentation locally.
Cacti GitHub Site
Open a ticket at
The Help File %s was not located on the Cacti Documentation Website.
The Document page '%s' count not be reached locally.
The Class of this Device Template. The Class Name should be representative of it's function.
The Main Data Collector has gone to an Offline or Recovering Status
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