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Automation SNMP Options has been Duplicated. 自動化SNMP選項
Data Source debug started. 數據源調試
Disable Data Source. 禁用數據源
Enable Data Source. 啟用數據源
Edit Graph Template 編輯圖表模板。
The following Data Sources are in use by these Graphs: 這些圖表正在使用以下數據源。
Edit Data Source: '%s'. 數據來源[%s]
Data Query Re-indexed. 數據查詢索引
Device Debugging Disabled for Device. 設備已禁用
ERROR: Invalid Device ID. 錯誤:設備[
The Main Data Collector has returned to an Online Status 此數據收集器最後一次與主Cacti站點完全同步。
Unable to Add all Graphs. See error message for details. 無法添加所有圖表。有關詳細信息,請參見錯
LDAP + TLS 服務器支持的加密。 TLS僅受協議版本3支持。
Operator. 客服人員
Sequence. 序列
Show only site specific locations 在此處設置任何圖表特定選項。
Privacy Passphrase (v3) 隱私密碼(v3)。
Default Ping type for all new Devices.</i> 所有新設備的默認Ping類型。
The maximum time that spine will wait on a script to complete. This timeout value is in seconds and is only valid for the spine Data Collector. Cacti等待腳本完成的最長時間。此超時值以秒為單位
Search filter to use to locate the user in the LDAP directory, such as for windows: <i>'(&amp;(objectclass=user)(objectcategory=user)(userPrincipalName=&lt;username&gt;*))'</i> or for OpenLDAP: <i>'(&(objectClass=account)(uid=&lt;username&gt))'</i>. '&lt;username&gt' is replaced with the username that was supplied at the login prompt. 搜索過濾器用於在LDAP目錄中定位用戶,例如對於windows: <i>&#39;(&(objectclass = user)(objectcategory = user)(userPrincipalName = &lt;username&gt; *))&#39;</i>或OpenLDAP: <i>&#39;(&(objectClass) = account)(uid = &lt;username&gt;))&#39;</i> 。 &#39;&lt;username&gt;&#39;將替換為登錄提示符下提供的用戶名。