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Search filter to use to locate the user in the LDAP directory, such as for windows: <i>'(&amp;(objectclass=user)(objectcategory=user)(userPrincipalName=&lt;username&gt;*))'</i> or for OpenLDAP: <i>'(&(objectClass=account)(uid=&lt;username&gt))'</i>. '&lt;username&gt' is replaced with the username that was supplied at the login prompt. 搜索過濾器用於在LDAP目錄中定位用戶,例如對於windows: <i>&#39;(&(objectclass = user)(objectcategory = user)(userPrincipalName = &lt;username&gt; *))&#39;</i>或OpenLDAP: <i>&#39;(&(objectClass) = account)(uid = &lt;username&gt;))&#39;</i> 。 &#39;&lt;username&gt;&#39;將替換為登錄提示符下提供的用戶名。
Field that will replace the Full Name when creating a new user, taken from LDAP. (on windows: displayname) 從LDAP獲取的創建新用戶時將替換全名的字段。 (在windows上:displayname)
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Data Source returned Bad Results for 數據源返回錯誤結果
SMTP error: SMTP錯誤:
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This process will guide you through the steps for upgrading from version '%s'. 此過程將指導您完成從版本&#39;%s&#39;升級的步驟。
Select default theme: 選擇默認主題:
Your server collation does NOT appear to be fully UTF8 compliant. 您的服務器排序規則似乎不完全符合UTF8標準。
Your database default collation does NOT appear to be full UTF8 compliant. 您的數據庫默認排序規則似乎不符合UTF8標準。
Any tables created by plugins may have issues linked against Cacti Core tables if the collation is not matched. Please ensure your database is changed to 'utf8mb4_unicode_ci' by running the following: 如果排序規則不匹配,則插件創建的任何表都可能存在與Cacti Core錶鍊接的問題。請運行以下命令,確保將數據庫更改為“utf8mb4_unicode_ci”:
One or more tables are too large to convert during the installation. You should use the cli/convert_tables.php script to perform the conversion, then refresh this page. For example: 一個或多個表太大而無法在安裝期間進行轉換。您應該使用cli / convert_tables.php腳本來執行轉換,然後刷新此頁面。例如:
%s Version %s or above is required for %s. %s版本%s或以上是%s所必需的。
%s is required for %s, and it is not installed. %s是必需的,並且未安裝。
WARNING: Cacti Polling Cycle Exceeded Poller Interval by 警告:仙人掌輪詢週期超過輪詢間隔
Field that will replace the email taken from LDAP. (on windows: mail) 將替換從LDAP獲取的電子郵件的字段。 (在Windows上:郵件)