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Level 级别
Message 信息
WARNING: A Syslog Instance Count Alert has Been Triggered for Host '%s' 警告:已触发Syslog插件实例计数警报'%s'
WARNING: A Syslog Instance Count Alert has Been Triggered 警告:已触发Syslog实例计数警报
Name: 名称:
Severity: 严重:
Threshold: 阈值:
Count: 计数:
Message String: 消息字符串:
Hostname: 主机名:
Date: 日期:
Level: 级别:
Message: 信息:
, Host: ,这个主机:
, URL: ,URL:
Sev: 西弗:
Event Alert - %s 事件警报-%s
, Count: ,计数:
Host 主机
Event Report - %s 事件报告-%s
Please rename either your config.php.dist or config_local.php.dist files in the syslog directory, and change setup your database before installing. 请在syslog目录下重命名config.php.dist或者 config_local.php.dist文件,并在安装前变更数据库配置.
Syslog 2.0 Requires an Entire Reinstall. Please uninstall Syslog and Remove all Data before Installing. Migration is possible, but you must plan this in advance. No automatic migration is supported. Syslog 2.0需要重新安装。请在安装前卸载Syslog并删除所有数据。迁移是可能的,但您必须提前计划。不支持自动迁移。
What upgrade/install type do you wish to use 您希望使用哪种升级/安装类型
When you have very large tables, performing a Truncate will be much quicker. If you are concerned about archive data, you can choose either Inline, which will freeze your browser for the period of this upgrade, or background, which will create a background process to bring your old syslog data from a backup table to the new syslog format. Again this process can take several hours. 当你有非常大的表时,执行截断将更快。如果您担心存档数据,可以选择Inline(这将在此升级期间冻结浏览器)或后台,这将创建后台进程以将旧的syslog数据从备份表转换为新的syslog格式。这个过程可能需要几个小时。
Truncate Syslog Table 截断Syslog表
Inline Upgrade 内联升级
Background Upgrade 后台升级
Database Storage Engine 数据库存储引擎
In MySQL 5.1.6 and above, you have the option to make this a partitioned table by days. Prior to this release, you only have the traditional table structure available. 在MySQL 5.1.6及更高版本中,您可以选择按天划分一个分区表。在此版本之前,您只能使用传统的表结构。
MyISAM Storage MyISAM存储
InnoDB Storage InnoDB存储


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