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Allow Existing Rows to be Updated? 允许更新现有的行?
Required File Format Notes 必需的文件格式注释
The file must contain a header row with the following column headings. 该文件必须包含具有以下列标题的标题行。
A common name for the Host Type. For example, Windows 7 主机类型的通用名称。 例如,Windows 7
The OS version for the Host Type 主机类型的操作系统版本
A unique set of characters from the snmp sysDescr that uniquely identify this device snmp sysDescr中唯一标识此设备的一组独特字符
The vendor specific snmp sysObjectID that distinguishes this device from the next 供应商特定的snmp sysObjectID区分这个设备和下一个
The primary key for this table is a combination of the following two fields: 此表的主键是以下两个字段的组合:
Therefore, if you attempt to import duplicate device types, the existing data will be updated with the new information. 因此,如果您尝试导入重复的设备类型,则现有数据将使用新信息进行更新。
The Host Type is determined by scanning its snmp agent for the sysObjectID and sysDescription and comparing it against values in the Host Types database. The first match that is found in the database is used aggregate Host data. Therefore, it is very important that you select valid sysObjectID, sysDescrMatch for your Hosts. 主机类型是通过扫描sysObjectID和sysDescription的snmp代理并将其与主机类型数据库中的值进行比较来确定的。 在数据库中找到的第一个匹配使用聚合主机数据。 因此,为您的主机选择有效的sysObjectID,sysDescrMatch是非常重要的。
Device Scanning Function Options 设备扫描功能选项
Name 名称
Give this Host Type a meaningful name. 给这个主机类型一个有意义的名字。
Fill in the name for the version of this Host Type. 填写此主机类型版本的名称。
System Description Match 系统描述匹配
Provide key information to help HMIB detect the type of Host. SQL Where expressions are supported. SQL Where wildcard character is the '%' sign. Regular Expressions have been removed due to compatibility issues. 提供关键信息以帮助HMIB检测主机的类型。 SQL在哪里支持表达式。 SQL通配符是'%'符号。 由于兼容性问题,正则表达式已被删除。
Vendor snmp Object ID 供应商snmp对象ID
Host MIB OS Types [edit: %s] 主机MIB操作系统类型[编辑:%s]
Host MIB OS Types [new] 主机MIB操作系统类型[新建]
Host MIB OS Type Filters Host MIB OS Type Filters
OS Types OS类型
Host Type Name 主机类型名称
OS Version OS版本
SNMP Sys Description Match SNMP系统描述匹配
No Host Types Found 没有找到主机类型
Choose an action: 选择一个动作:
Rescan 重新扫描
Scan for New or Unknown Device Types 扫描新的或未知的设备类型
Import 导入
Import Host Types from a CSV File 从CSV文件导入主机类型


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