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End Date Selector 結束日期選擇器
Shift Time Backward 轉移時間倒退
Define Shifting Interval 定義移位間隔
Shift Time Forward 轉移時間
Refresh selected time span 刷新選定的時間跨度
Return to the default time span 返回默認時間範圍
Window 窗戶
Interval 間隔
Stop 停止
Create Graph from %s 從%s創建圖表
Create %s Graphs from %s 從%s創建%s圖
Graph [Template: %s] 圖[模板:%s]
Graph Items [Template: %s] 圖表項[模板:%s]
Data Source [Template: %s] 數據源[模板:%s]
Custom Data [Template: %s] 自定義數據[模板:%s]
Date/Time moved to the same time Tomorrow 日期/時間明天轉移到同一時間
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Report(s). 點擊“繼續”以刪除以下報告。
Click 'Continue' to take ownership of the following Report(s). 點擊“繼續”以獲取以下報告的所有權。
Click 'Continue' to duplicate the following Report(s). You may optionally change the title for the new Reports 點擊“繼續”以復制以下報告。您可以選擇更改新報告的標題
Name Format: 名稱格式:
Click 'Continue' to enable the following Report(s). 單擊“繼續”以啟用以下報告。
Please be certain that those Report(s) have successfully been tested first! 請確保這些報告已成功通過測試!
Click 'Continue' to disable the following Reports. 單擊“繼續”以禁用以下報告。
Click 'Continue' to send the following Report(s) now. 點擊“繼續”立即發送以下報告。
Unable to send Report '%s'. Please set destination e-mail addresses 無法發送報告'%s'。請設置目標電子郵件地址
Unable to send Report '%s'. Please set an e-mail subject 無法發送報告'%s'。請設置電子郵件主題
Unable to send Report '%s'. Please set an e-mail From Name 無法發送報告'%s'。請從姓名中設置電子郵件
Unable to send Report '%s'. Please set an e-mail from address 無法發送報告'%s'。請從地址設置一封電子郵件
Item Type to be added. 要添加的項目類型。
Graph Tree 圖樹
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