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Poller Cache Items 輪詢緩存項目
Script 腳本
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Cacti technical support page. Used by developers and technical support persons to assist with issues in Cacti. Includes checks for common configuration issues. 仙人掌技術支持頁面。開發人員和技術支持人員使用它來協助Cacti中的問題。包括對常見配置問題的檢查。
The Cacti Log stores statistic, error and other message depending on system settings. This information can be used to identify problems with the poller and application. Cacti Log根據系統設置存儲統計信息,錯誤和其他消息。此信息可用於識別輪詢器和應用程序的問題。
Allows Administrators to browse the user log. Administrators can filter and export the log as well. 允許管理員瀏覽用戶日誌。管理員也可以過濾和導出日誌。
Poller Cache Administration 輪詢緩存管理
This is the data that is being passed to the poller each time it runs. This data is then in turn executed/interpreted and the results are fed into the RRDfiles for graphing or the database for display. 這是每次運行時傳遞給輪詢器的數據。然後依次執行/解釋該數據,並將結果輸入RRD文件以供圖形化或數據庫顯示。
The Data Query Cache stores information gathered from Data Query input types. The values from these fields can be used in the text area of Graphs for Legends, Vertical Labels, and GPRINTS as well as in CDEF's. 數據查詢緩存存儲從數據查詢輸入類型收集的信息。這些字段中的值可用於圖表圖例,垂直標籤和GPRINTS以及CDEF中。
Rebuild Poller Cache 重建輪詢器緩存
The Poller Cache will be re-generated if you select this option. Use this option only in the event of a database crash if you are experiencing issues after the crash and have already run the database repair tools. Alternatively, if you are having problems with a specific Device, simply re-save that Device to rebuild its Poller Cache. There is also a command line interface equivalent to this command that is recommended for large systems. <i class="deviceDown">NOTE: On large systems, this command may take several minutes to hours to complete and therefore should not be run from the Cacti UI. You can simply run 'php -q cli/rebuild_poller_cache.php --help' at the command line for more information.</i> 如果選擇此選項,將重新生成輪詢器緩存。如果在崩潰後遇到問題並且已經運行數據庫修復工具,則僅在發生數據庫崩潰時使用此選項。或者,如果您遇到特定設備的問題,只需重新保存該設備即可重建其輪詢器緩存。還有一個與此命令等效的命令行界面,建議用於大型系統。 <i class="deviceDown">注意:在大型系統上,此命令可能需要幾分鐘到幾小時才能完成,因此不應從Cacti UI運行。您可以在命令行中運行&#39;php -q cli / rebuild_poller_cache.php --help&#39;以獲取更多信息。</i>
Rebuild Resource Cache 重建資源緩存
When operating multiple Data Collectors in Cacti, Cacti will attempt to maintain state for key files on all Data Collectors. This includes all core, non-install related website and plugin files. When you force a Resource Cache rebuild, Cacti will clear the local Resource Cache, and then rebuild it at the next scheduled poller start. This will trigger all Remote Data Collectors to recheck their website and plugin files for consistency. 在Cacti中操作多個數據收集器時,Cacti將嘗試維護所有數據收集器上的密鑰文件的狀態。這包括所有核心,非安裝相關的網站和插件文件。強制執行資源緩存重建時,Cacti將清除本地資源緩存,然後在下一個計劃的輪詢器啟動時重建它。這將觸發所有遠程數據收集器重新檢查其網站和插件文件的一致性。
Boost Utilities 增加公用事業
View Boost Status 查看提升狀態
This menu pick allows you to view various boost settings and statistics associated with the current running Boost configuration. 此菜單選項允許您查看與當前運行的Boost配置相關的各種增強設置和統計信息。
Data Source Statistics Utilities 數據來源統計
Purge Data Source Statistics 數據來源統計
This menu pick will purge all existing Data Source Statistics from the Database. If Data Source Statistics is enabled, the Data Sources Statistics will start collection again on the next Data Collector pass. 該菜單選項將清除數據庫中所有現有的數據源統計信息。如果啟用了數據源統計信息,則數據源統計信息將在下一次數據收集器傳遞時再次開始收集。
RRD Utilities RRD公用事業
RRDfile Cleaner RRDfile清理器
When you delete Data Sources from Cacti, the corresponding RRDfiles are not removed automatically. Use this utility to facilitate the removal of these old files. 從Cacti刪除數據源時,不會自動刪除相應的RRD文件。使用此實用程序可以方便地刪除這些舊文件。
SNMP Agent Utilities SNMPAgent實用程序
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