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Device Description
The name by which this Device will be referred to.
Either an IP address, or hostname. If a hostname, it must be resolvable by either DNS, or from your hosts file.
The internal database ID for this Device. Useful when performing automation or debugging.
The total number of Graphs generated from this Device.
The total number of Data Sources generated from this Device.
The monitoring status of the Device based upon ping results. If this Device is a special type Device, by using the hostname "localhost", or due to the setting to not perform an Availability Check, it will always remain Up. When using cmd.php data collector, a Device with no Graphs, is not pinged by the data collector and will remain in an "Unknown" state.
In State
The amount of time that this Device has been in its current state.
The current amount of time that the host has been up.
Poll Time
The amount of time it takes to collect data from this Device.
Current (ms)
The current ping time in milliseconds to reach the Device.
Average (ms)
The average ping time in milliseconds to reach the Device since the counters were cleared for this Device.
The availability percentage based upon ping results since the counters were cleared for this Device.
The date this device wasadded to the database
Sync Devices
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Device Template(s).
Delete Device Template(s)
Click 'Continue' to duplicate the following Device Template(s). Optionally change the title for the new Device Template(s).
Duplicate Device Template(s)
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