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Error Parsing Data Query Resource XML file for Data Query '%s' with id '%s'. Field Name '%s' missing a 'direction' attribute
Error Parsing Data Query Resource XML file for Data Query '%s' with id '%s'
Data Query [%s]
From there you can get more information.
This Data Query returned 0 rows, perhaps there was a problem executing this Data Query.
You can run this Data Query in debug mode
The index is disabled due to the Data Query having no associated Graph Templates.
Search Returned no Rows.
Error in Data Query. This could be due to the following: File Permissions, or a missing or improperly formatted Data Query XML file.
Select a Graph Type to Create
Make selection default
Set Default
WARNING: Cacti Page:%s for User:%s Generated a Fatal Error %d!
The Document page '%s' count not be reached. The Cacti Documentation site is not reachable. The http error was '%s'. Consider downloading an official release to obtain the latest documentation and hosting the documentation locally.
Cacti GitHub Site
Open a ticket at
The Help File %s was not located on the Cacti Documentation Website.
The Document page '%s' count not be reached locally.
Change Device Settings
Clear Statistics
Sync to Device Template
Place Device on Report
Data Query Re-indexed.
Device Data Query Re-indexed. Verbose output displayed.
Device Debugging Enabled for Device.
Device Debugging Disabled for Device.
Poller Cache for Device Refreshed.
ERROR: Invalid Device ID.
Device Reindex Completed in %0.2f seconds. There were %d items updated.
Unable to add some Devices to Report '%s'
Click 'Continue' to enable the following Device(s).
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This translation Propagated Read only Cacti/core (v1.2.x)
The following string has the same context and source.
Propagated Read only Cacti/core


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Long untranslated

The string has not been translated for a long time


Multiple failing checks

Following checks are failing:
Trailing space: Bulgarian, German, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew (Israel), Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish, Turkish
Mismatched colon: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)



English English
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a year ago
Source string age
a year ago
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locales/po/cacti.pot, string 1093