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VDEF Function
A VDEF (math) function to apply to this item on the graph legend.
Shift Data
Offset your data on the time axis (x-axis) by the amount specified in the 'value' field.
[HRULE|VRULE]: The value of the graph item.<br/> [TICK]: The fraction for the tick line.<br/> [SHIFT]: The time offset in seconds.
If this graph item is a GPRINT, you can optionally choose another format here. You can define additional types under "GPRINT Presets".
Text Alignment (TEXTALIGN)
All subsequent legend line(s) will be aligned as given here. You may use this command multiple times in a single graph. This command does not produce tabular layout.<br/><strong>Note: </strong>You may want to insert a &lt;HR&gt; on the preceding graph item.<br/> <strong>Note: </strong>A &lt;HR&gt; on this legend line will obsolete this setting!
Text Format
Text that will be displayed on the legend for this graph item.
Insert Hard Return
Forces the legend to the next line after this item.
Line Width (decimal)
In case LINE was chosen, specify width of line here. You must include a decimal precision, for example 2.00
Dashes (dashes[=on_s[,off_s[,on_s,off_s]...]])
The dashes modifier enables dashed line style.
Dash Offset (dash-offset=offset)
The dash-offset parameter specifies an offset into the pattern at which the stroke begins.
The name given to this graph template.
Multiple Instances
Check this checkbox if there can be more than one Graph of this type per Device.
Test Data Sources
Check this checkbox if you wish to test the Data Sources prior to their creation. With Test Data Sources enabled, if the Data Source does not return valid data, the Graph will not be created. This setting is important if you wish to have a more generic Device Template that can include more Graph Templates that can be selectively applied depending on the characteristics of the Device itself. Note: If you have a long running script as a Data Source, the time to create Graphs will be increased.
Enter a name for this graph item input, make sure it is something you recognize.
Enter a description for this graph item input to describe what this input is used for.
Field Type
How data is to be represented on the graph.
General Device Options
Give this host a meaningful description.
Fully qualified hostname or IP address for this device.
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