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Checking this box will switch Thold from performing inline Notification to using either the Notification Daemon, or notifications performed out of band by the Notification poller.
Check this box if you wish Warning Notification List recipients to receive Alert Emails in addition to the Alert Notification list receivers. This case is applicable when Warning Notifications goes to Administrators and Alert Notifications go to Management.
Checking this box will enable Threshold Daemon debug when operating from SystemD or through the command line. This change is dynamic and will take effect as soon as the next Threshold loop commences.
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Supported for Notification Lists and the Notification Queue only. If there are Down Device Notifications in a single processing cycle. Send only one Email to Notification List repipients for all Devices.
If a large influx of Down Device Notifications come in, Cacti can pause sending out those Notifications for a certain period of time to see if the issue is transient before sending them out. Select the threshold Down Device Notifications before the Pause is Triggered.
If you choose to delay Notifications for a large Down Devices Notification inrush, how long are you willing to wait before allowing the notifications to be processed?
To disable all notifications from this Notification List, you can simply disable it here.
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