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Cacti is designed to be a complete graphing solution based on the RRDtool Time Series Database (TSDB) and Graphing solution. Its goal is to make the Network Administrator's job easier by taking care of all the important details necessary to create meaningful Graphs. Cacti旨在成為基於RRDtool框架的完整圖形解決方案。其目標是通過處理創建有意義的圖形所需的所有必要細節,使網絡管理員的工作更輕鬆。
Please see the official %sCacti website%s for information on how to use Cacti, get support, and updates. 有關信息,支持和更新,請參閱官方%sCacti網站%s。
Active Developers 仙人掌開發人員
Developers working on Cacti, its Architecture, Documentation and Future Releases.
Honorable Mentions 控制台菜單部分
Contributors to Docuemntation, QA, Packaging, the Forums and our YouTube page.
Emeritus Members 群組成員
Members of the original Cacti Group that have since moved on in their careers. We continue to wish them the best.
In order to migrate the Aggregate Graphs below to a Template based Aggregate, they must only be using one Graph Template. 為了將下面的聚合圖遷移到基於模板的聚合,首先為圖形模板'%s'創建聚合模板。
In order to migrate the Aggregate Graphs below use an Aggregate Template, one must already exist. 為了將下面的聚合圖遷移到基於模板的聚合,它們只能使用一個圖模板。請按“返回”,然後僅選擇使用相同圖表模板的聚合圖。
Click 'Continue' to Delete the following Aggregate Graph. 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下聚合圖。
Click 'Continue' to Delete following Aggregate Graphs. 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下聚合圖。
Delete Aggregate Graph 創建聚合圖
Delete Aggregate Graphs 創建聚合圖
Click 'Continue' to Migrate the following Legacy Aggregate to a Templated Aggregate Graph. 單擊“繼續”將以下聚合圖組合到單個聚合圖中。
Click 'Continue' to Migrate the following Legacy Aggregates to Templated Aggregate Graphs. 單擊“繼續”將以下聚合圖組合到單個聚合圖中。
Migrate to Aggregate Graph 創建聚合圖
Migrate to Aggregate Graphs 創建聚合圖
Click 'Continue' to Combine the following Aggregates into an Aggregate Graph. 單擊“繼續”將以下聚合圖組合到單個聚合圖中。
Combine Aggregate Graphs 聚合圖