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A very special thanks to %sTobi Oetiker%s, the creator of %sRRDtool%s and the very popular %sMRTG%s. 非常感謝%sTobi Oetiker%s,%sRRDtool%s的創建者和非常受歡迎的%sMRTG%s。
Place on a Tree (%s) 放在樹上(%s)
In order to migrate the Aggregate Graphs below to a Template based Aggregate, first create an Aggregate Template for the Graph Template '%s'. 為了將下面的聚合圖遷移到基於模板的聚合,首先為圖形模板'%s'創建聚合模板。
[edit: %s] [編輯:%s]
Aggregate Preview %s 匯總預覽[%s]
Not Checked 檢查
Aggregate Graph %s 聚合圖%s
[ Custom Graphs List Applied - Clear to Reset ] [自定義圖表列表已應用 - 從列表中過濾]
Aggregate Template [edit: %s] 聚合模板[編輯:%s]
Must be at least %d characters in length 長度必須至少為%d個字符
Cannot be reused for %d password changes %d密碼更改無法重複使用
Device %s Added to Cacti 添加到仙人掌
Device %s Not Added to Cacti 沒有添加到仙人掌
Device Template: 設備模板
Rule Selection [edit: %s] 規則選擇[編輯:%s]
Can Not Restart Discovery for Discovery in Progress for Network '%s' 無法為網絡'%s'正在進行的發現重新啟動發現
Can Not Perform Discovery for Disabled Network '%s' 無法為禁用的網絡'%s'執行發現
ERROR: You must specify the day of the week. Disabling Network %s!. 錯誤:您必須指定星期幾。禁用網絡%s!。
ERROR: You must specify both the Months and Days of Month. Disabling Network %s! 錯誤:您必須同時指定月份和月份。禁用網絡%s!
ERROR: You must specify the Months, Weeks of Months, and Days of Week. Disabling Network %s! 錯誤:您必須指定月份,月份周和星期幾。禁用網絡%s!