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Developers working on Cacti, its Architecture, Documentation and Future Releases.
Contributors to Docuemntation, QA, Packaging, the Forums and our YouTube page.
Members of the original Cacti Group that have since moved on in their careers. We continue to wish them the best.
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Replace Data Query Suggested Value Patterns
Replace Data Source and Graph Template Suggested Value Records for Data Queries. Graphs and Data Sources will take on new names after either a Data Query Reindex or by using the forced Replace Suggested Values process.
How should Cacti support Client Dates based upon the Client browsers timezone.
By default Cacti page help is located at docs.cacti.net. However, if your system does not have access to the Internet, you may download the documentation locally in HTML format and host it in the 'docs' location of you Cacti server. If you choose only to leverage the local location for page help documentation, check this checkbox.
Start of Business Day
The time your business hours start. Format: hh:mm
End of Business Day
The time your business hours end. Format: hh:mm
Only show business hours during weekdays.
Show business hours
Display business hours on rrd graphs.
Color to use for business hours
The color to be shown for business hours