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Audit Log Purged by %s 审核日志由%s清除
Column Header used for CSV log export. Ensure that you do NOT(!) remove one of the commas. The output needs to be CSV compliant. page, user_id, username, action, ip_address, user_agent, event_time, post page,user_id,username,action,ip_address,user_agent,event_time,post
cli CLI
Export Log Events 导出日志事件
Purge Log Events 清除日志事件
Audit Events 审计事件
The page where the event was generated. 生成事件的页面。
The user who generated the event. 生成事件的用户。
The Cacti Action requested. Hover over action to see $_POST data. 仙人掌行动要求。将鼠标悬停在操作上以查看$ _POST数据。
The browser type of the requester. 请求者的浏览器类型。
The IP Address of the requester. 请求者的IP地址。
The time the Event took place. 事件发生的时间。
No Audit Log Events Found 未找到审核日志事件
Audit Event Details 审核事件详情
View Cacti Audit Log 查看Cacti审核日志
View Audit Log 查看审核日志
Allows Administrators to view change activity on the Cacti server. Administrators can also export the audit log for analysis purposes. 允许管理员查看Cacti服务器上的更改活动。管理员还可以导出审核日志以进行分析。
Audit Log Settings 审核日志设置
Check this box, if you want the Audit Log to track GUI activities. 如果希望审核日志跟踪GUI活动,请选中此框。