Source string Source string

Service Check Name
The name that is displayed for this Service Check, and is included in any Alert notifications.
Enable Service Check
Uncheck this box to disabled this url from being checked.
The URL to Monitor
Enter an IP address to connect to. Leaving blank will use DNS Resolution instead.
Proxy Server
If this connection text requires a proxy, select it here. Otherwise choose 'None'.
What compression does the server require? Most servers should not need this, but some will not redirect properly without it.
Available Checks
Requires Authentication
Check this box if the site will normally return a 401 Error as it requires a username and password.
Check Certificate
If using SSL, check this box if you want to validate the certificate. Default on, turn off if you the site uses a self-signed certificate.
Notification Timing
How many minutes the URL must be down before it will send an alert. After an alert is sent, in order for a 'Site Recovering' Email to be send, it must also be up this number of minutes.
Time Out
How many seconds to allow the page to timeout before reporting it as down.
Verification Strings
Response Search String
This is the string to search for in the URL response for a live and working Web Service.
Response Search String - Maintenance Page
This is the string to search for on the Maintenance Page. The Service Check will check for this string if the above string is not found. If found, it means that the Web Service is under maintenance.
Response Search String - Failed
This is the string to search for a known failure in the Web Service response. The Service Check will only alert if this string is found, ignoring any timeout issues and the search strings above.
Notification Settings
Notify Format
This is the format to use when sending the notification email
Notification List


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