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Select a Device 選擇一個設備
Select and Available Item 選擇和可用項目
Data Query Item 數據查詢項
Select the applicable row from the Data Query for the Graph and Threshold. 從圖表和閾值的數據查詢中選擇適用的行。
Creation Notes 創作筆記
Important Note: 重要注意事项:
This Threshold will be Templated. When using the Threshold Template option, you will be prompted for a Threshold Template, Graph Template, Device and possibly Data Query Item information before receiving the 'Create' prompt at which time, if any overridable Graph or Data Source information is allowed at the Graph and Data Source Template level, you will be prompted for it. Then, by pressing the 'Create' button, both the Graph and Threshold will be created simultaneously. 此閾值<b>不會</b>被模板化。使用“閾值模板”選項時,如果圖表中允許任何可覆蓋的圖形或數據源信息,則會在收到“創建”提示之前提示您輸入閾值模板,圖形模板,設備和可能的數據查詢項信息。和數據源模板級別,將提示您。然後,通過按“創建”按鈕,將同時創建圖形和閾值。
Graph 圖表
Select the Graph for the Threshold. 選擇閾值圖表。
Select a Graph 選擇圖表
Select a Data Source for the Threshold. 選擇閾值的數據源。
Select a Data Source 選擇數據源
This Threshold will <b>NOT</b> be Templated and will only work on existing Graphs. If you wish to both Create the Graph and the Threshold simultaneously, select Threshold Template from the drop down and continue until the 'Create' button appears. 此閾值<b>不會</b>被模板化,僅適用於現有圖形。如果您希望同時創建圖表和閾值,請從下拉列表中選擇閾值模板並繼續,直到出現“創建”按鈕。
This Threshold will <b>NOT</b> be Templated. You can select either By Graph where you will then select an existing Device, Graph and Data Source before creating your Threshold, or you can select Threshold Template which will allow you to create a Non Templated Threshold and corresponding Graph simultaneously 此閾值<b>不會</b>被模板化。您可以選擇按圖表,然後在創建閾值之前選擇現有的設備,圖表和數據源,或者您可以選擇閾值模板,這將允許您同時創建非模板化閾值和相應的圖形
Selected Graph 選定的圖表
Created graph: %s 創建圖:%s
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