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Host 主機
Event Report - %s 活動報告 - %s
Please rename either your config.php.dist or config_local.php.dist files in the syslog directory, and change setup your database before installing. 請重命名syslog目錄中的config.php.dist文件,並在安裝之前更改數據庫設置。
Syslog 2.0 Requires an Entire Reinstall. Please uninstall Syslog and Remove all Data before Installing. Migration is possible, but you must plan this in advance. No automatic migration is supported. Syslog 2.0需要重新安裝。請在安裝前卸載Syslog並刪除所有數據。遷移是可能的,但您必須提前計劃。不支持自動遷移。
What upgrade/install type do you wish to use 您希望使用哪種升級/安裝類型
When you have very large tables, performing a Truncate will be much quicker. If you are concerned about archive data, you can choose either Inline, which will freeze your browser for the period of this upgrade, or background, which will create a background process to bring your old syslog data from a backup table to the new syslog format. Again this process can take several hours. 當你有非常大的表時,執行截斷將更快。如果您擔心存檔數據,可以選擇Inline(這將在此升級期間凍結瀏覽器)或後台,這將創建後台進程以將舊的syslog數據從備份表轉換為新的syslog格式。這個過程可能需要幾個小時。
Truncate Syslog Table 截斷Syslog表
Inline Upgrade 內聯昇級
Background Upgrade 後台升級
Database Storage Engine 數據庫存儲引擎
In MySQL 5.1.6 and above, you have the option to make this a partitioned table by days. Prior to this release, you only have the traditional table structure available. 在MySQL 5.1.6及更高版本中,您可以選擇按天劃分一個分區表。在此版本之前,您只能使用傳統的表結構。
MyISAM Storage MyISAM存儲
InnoDB Storage InnoDB存儲
Database Architecture 數據庫架構
In MySQL 5.1.6 and above, you have the option to make this a partitioned table by days. In MySQL 5.5 and above, you can create multiple partitions per day. Prior to MySQL 5.1.6, you only have the traditional table structure available. 在MySQL 5.1.6及更高版本中,您可以選擇按天劃分一個分區表。在MySQL 5.5及更高版本中,您可以每天創建多個分區。在MySQL 5.1.6之前,您只能使用傳統的表結構。
Traditional Table 傳統表
Partitioned Table 分區表
Retention Policy 保留政策
Choose how many days of Syslog values you wish to maintain in the database. 選擇要在數據庫中維護的Syslog值的天數。
Partitions per Day 每天分區
Select the number of partitions per day that you wish to create. 選擇您希望每天創建的分區數。
%d Per Day %d每天
Upgrade 升級
Install 安裝
Syslog %s Advisor Syslog%s顧問
WARNING: Syslog Upgrade is Time Consuming!!! 警告:Syslog升級是耗時的!
The upgrade of the 'main' syslog table can be a very time consuming process. As such, it is recommended that you either reduce the size of your syslog table prior to upgrading, or choose the background option</p> <p>If you choose the background option, your legacy syslog table will be renamed, and a new syslog table will be created. Then, an upgrade process will be launched in the background. Again, this background process can quite a bit of time to complete. However, your data will be preserved</p> <p>Regardless of your choice, all existing removal and alert rules will be maintained during the upgrade process.</p> <p>Press <b>'Upgrade'</b> to proceed with the upgrade, or <b>'Cancel'</b> to return to the Plugins menu. 'main'系統日誌表的升級可能是一個非常耗時的過程。因此,建議您在升級之前減小syslog表的大小,或者選擇後台選項</p><p>如果選擇後台選項,則將重命名舊的syslog表,並將創建新的syslog表。然後,將在後台啟動升級過程。同樣,這個後台進程可能需要相當多的時間才能完成。但是,您的數據將被保留</p><p>無論您的選擇如何,在升級過程中都將保留所有現有的刪除和警報規則。 </p><p>按<b>“升級”</b>繼續升級,或按<b>“取消”</b>返回“插件”菜單。
You can also select the retention duration. Please keep in mind that if you have several hosts logging to syslog, this table can become quite large. So, if not using partitioning, you might want to keep the size smaller. 您也可以選擇保留期限。請記住,如果您有多個主機登錄到syslog,則此表可能會變得非常大。因此,如果不使用分區,您可能希望保持較小的大小。
You can also set the MySQL storage engine. If you have not tuned you system for InnoDB storage properties, it is strongly recommended that you utilize the MyISAM storage engine. 您還可以設置MySQL存儲引擎。如果您尚未針對InnoDB存儲屬性調整系統,則強烈建議您使用MyISAM存儲引擎。
You have several options to choose from when installing Syslog. The first is the Database Architecture. Starting with MySQL 5.1.6, you can elect to utilize Table Partitioning to prevent the size of the tables from becoming excessive thus slowing queries. 安裝Syslog時有幾個選項可供選擇。第一個是數據庫架構。從MySQL 5.1.6開始,您可以選擇使用表分區來防止表的大小變得過大,從而減慢查詢速度。
Syslog %s Settings Syslog%s設置


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