English Chinese (Traditional)
Technical Support [ %s ] 技術支持[%s]
(%s chars) (%s個字符)
(Not Set) 設為預設
NOTICE: Starting manual backup of %s devices 注意:開始手動備份%s設備
NOTICE: Starting automatic retry 注意:開始自動重試
NOTICE: Starting automatic backup 注意:開始自動備份
FATAL: TFTP Backup Path is not set or is not a directory 致命:未設置備份路徑或不是目錄
FATAL: TFTP Server is not set 致命:未設置TFTP服務器
DEBUG: Attempting download for %s 調試:嘗試下載%s
%s devices backed up successfully. %s設備已成功備份。 <br>
%s devices failed to backup. %s設備無法備份。 <br>
%s devices disabled from backup. %s設備無法備份。 <br>
Config Backups 配置備份
Configuration Backups 配置備份
- Forced -被迫
- Manual 手動
- Simulated -模擬
- Scheduled 已排程
- Reattempt -重新嘗試
: Partial :部分
ERROR: Backup Path is not set or is not a directory 備份路徑未設置或不是目錄
STATS: Backup now running since %s STATS:自%s起,備份現在開始運行
WARN: Backup already running since %s 警告:自%s起,備份已在運行
ERROR: Failed to connect to Device '%s' using connection type: %s 錯誤:無法使用連接類型%s連接到設備'%s'
ERROR: Failed to download '%s' to '%s' via '%s' 錯誤:無法通過“ %s”將“ %s”下載到“ %s”
File '%s' failed to load 文件“ %s”無法加載
File '%s' was not found 找不到文件“ %s”
Router Config for %s (%s) %s的路由器配置(%s)
Backup from %s 從%s備份


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