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Optional (Auto-Generate RRD List): Do not change RRD List of any Report if Record Count Change is greater than this Number This is to avoid unwanted and disastrous changes on RRD Lists
Time Zones
Enable/disable the use of time zones for data item's configuration and report calculation. In the former case server time has to be set up to GMT/UTC!
Show Local Time Zone
Enable/disable to display server's timezone on the headlines.
Allow scheduling by Operators
Enable/disable Operator's ability to schedule reports. When disabled, only administrators may change scheduling.
Enable/disable the use of correct SI-Prefixes for binary multiples under the terms of <a href=''>IEEE 1541</a> and <a href=''>IEC 60027-2</a>.
Export Settings
Filename Format
The name format for the export files created on demand.
Export Header
The header description for export files
# Your report header\n# <cacti_version> <reportit_version>
Auto Archiving
If enabled the result of every scheduled report will be archived automatically
Cache Life Cyle (in seconds)
Number of seconds an archived report will be cached without any hit.
Archive Path
The path to an archive folder where archives have to be stored.
Auto E-Mailing
If enabled scheduled reports can be emailed automatically to a list of recipients.<br> This feature requires a configured version of the 'Settings Plugin'.
Auto Exporting
If enabled scheduled reports can be exported automatically to a specified folder.<br> Therefore a full structured path architecture will be used:<br> Main Folder -> Template Folder (if defined) or Template ID -> Report ID -> Report
The main path to an export folder for saving the exports.
ReportIt General Settings
Separate Report View Filter
Enable/disable the use of an individual filter per report.
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