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Every %d Hours
Reboot Notifications
Send Reboot Notifications
Should Device Reboot Notifications be sent to users?
Include Threshold Alert Lists
Should Threshold Alert Lists also receive Notification
Enter a Reboot message subject for the Reboot Notification.
Cacti Device Reboot Notification
Email Body
Enter an Email body to include in the Reboot Notification message. Currently, the only supported replacement tag accepted is <DETAILS>
<h1>Monitor Reboot Notification</h1><p>The following Device's were Rebooted. See details below for additional information.</p><br><DETAILS>
Notification Email Addresses
From Name
Enter the Email Name to send the notifications form
From Address
Enter the Email Address to send the notification from
Notification List
Select a Notification List below. All Emails subscribed to the notification list will be notified.
Email Addresses
Enter a comma delimited list of Email addresses to inform of a reboot event.
Do not Change
%d Percent Above Average
Device Monitoring Settings
Monitor Device
Check this box to monitor this Device on the Monitor Tab.
Device Criticality
What is the Criticality of this Device.
Ping Warning Threshold
If the round-trip latency via any of the predefined Cacti ping methods raises above this threshold, log a warning or send email based upon the Devices Criticality and Monitor setting. The unit is in milliseconds. Setting to 0 disables. The Thold Plugin is required to leverage this functionality.
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The following string has the same context and source.
Propagated Read only Cacti/routerconfigs


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