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Show the Page that the User pointed their browser to 顯示用戶將瀏覽器指向的頁面
Show the Console 顯示控制台
Show the default Graph Screen 顯示默認的圖形屏幕
Restrict Access 限制訪問
Group Name 群組名稱
The name of this Group. 該組的名稱。
Group Description 群組描述 (必填)
A more descriptive name for this group, that can include spaces or special characters. 此組的更具描述性的名稱,可包括空格或特殊字符。
General Group Options 一般集團選擇
Set any user account-specific options here. 在此處設置任何特定於用戶帳戶的選項。
Allow Users of this Group to keep custom User Settings 允許此組的用戶保留自定義用戶設置
Tree Rights 樹權
Should Users of this Group have access to the Tree? 該組的用戶是否可以訪問該樹?
Graph List Rights 圖表列表權利
Should Users of this Group have access to the Graph List? 該組用戶是否可以訪問圖表列表?
Graph Preview Rights 圖預覽權利
Should Users of this Group have access to the Graph Preview? 該組用戶是否可以訪問圖表預覽?
What to do when a User from this User Group logs in. 當此用戶組中的用戶登錄時該怎麼辦。
Click 'Continue' to delete the following User Group 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下用戶組
Delete User Group 刪除用戶組
Click 'Continue' to Copy the following User Group to a new User Group. 單擊“繼續”將以下用戶組複製到新用戶組。
Group Prefix: 組前綴:
New Group 新增群組
Copy User Group 複製用戶組
Click 'Continue' to enable the following User Group. 單擊“繼續”以啟用以下用戶組。
Enable User Group 啟用用戶組
Click 'Continue' to disable the following User Group. 單擊“繼續”以禁用以下用戶組。
Disable User Group 禁用用戶組
Login Name 登錄名稱
Membership 會員
Group Member 群組成員
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