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TCP/UDP port for Non SSL communications. 用於非SSL通信的TCP / UDP端口。
TCP/UDP port for SSL communications. 用於SSL通信的TCP / UDP端口。
Protocol Version that the server supports. 服務器支持的協議版本。
Encryption that the server supports. TLS is only supported by Protocol Version 3. 服務器支持的加密。 TLS僅受協議版本3支持。
Mode which cacti will attempt to authenticate against the LDAP server.<blockquote><i>No Searching</i> - No Distinguished Name (DN) searching occurs, just attempt to bind with the provided Distinguished Name (DN) format.<br><br><i>Anonymous Searching</i> - Attempts to search for username against LDAP directory via anonymous binding to locate the users Distinguished Name (DN).<br><br><i>Specific Searching</i> - Attempts search for username against LDAP directory via Specific Distinguished Name (DN) and Specific Password for binding to locate the users Distinguished Name (DN). cacti將嘗試針對LDAP服務器進行身份驗證的模式。 <blockquote> <i>沒有搜索</i> - 沒有可分辨名稱(DN)搜索,只是嘗試使用提供的專有名稱(DN)格式進行綁定。 <br><br> <i>匿名搜索</i> - 嘗試通過匿名綁定搜索LDAP目錄的用戶名,以查找用戶可分辨名稱(DN)。 <br><br> <i>特定搜索</i> - 嘗試通過特定可分辨名稱(DN)和特定密碼搜索LDAP目錄,以便綁定以查找用戶可分辨名稱(DN)。
Search base for searching the LDAP directory, such as <i>"dc=win2kdomain,dc=local"</i> or <i>"ou=people,dc=domain,dc=local"</i>. 用於搜索LDAP目錄的搜索庫,例如<i>“dc = win2kdomain,dc = local”</i>或<i>“ou = people,dc = domain,dc = local”</i> 。
Search filter to use to locate the user in the LDAP directory, such as for windows: <i>"(&amp;(objectclass=user)(objectcategory=user)(userPrincipalName=&lt;username&gt;*))"</i> or for OpenLDAP: <i>"(&(objectClass=account)(uid=&lt;username&gt))"</i>. "&lt;username&gt" is replaced with the username that was supplied at the login prompt. 搜索過濾器用於在LDAP目錄中定位用戶,例如對於windows: <i>“(&(objectclass = user)(objectcategory = user)(userPrincipalName = &lt;username&gt; *))”</i>或OpenLDAP: <i>“(&(objectClass) = account)(uid = &lt;username&gt;))“</i> 。 “&lt;username&gt;”將替換為登錄提示符下提供的用戶名。
eMail 電子郵件
Field that will replace the email taken from LDAP. (on windows: mail) 將替換從LDAP獲取的電子郵件的字段。 (在Windows上:郵件)
Domain Properties 域屬性
Domains 網域
Domain Name 網域名稱
Domain Type 域類型
Effective User 有效的用戶
CN FullName CN FullName
CN eMail CN電子郵件
None Selected 未選擇
No User Domains Found 找不到用戶域
Defer to the Users Setting 按照用戶設置
Show the Page that the User pointed their browser to 顯示用戶將瀏覽器指向的頁面
Show the Console 顯示控制台
Show the default Graph Screen 顯示默認的圖形屏幕
Restrict Access 限制訪問
Group Name 群組名稱
The name of this Group. 該組的名稱。
Group Description 群組描述 (必填)
A more descriptive name for this group, that can include spaces or special characters. 此組的更具描述性的名稱,可包括空格或特殊字符。
General Group Options 一般集團選擇
Set any user account-specific options here. 在此處設置任何特定於用戶帳戶的選項。
Allow Users of this Group to keep custom User Settings 允許此組的用戶保留自定義用戶設置
Tree Rights 樹權
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