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Continue 繼續
Delete Graph(s) 刪除圖表
The selected Aggregate Graphs represent elements from more than one Graph Template. 選定的聚合圖表表示來自多個圖表模板的元素。
In order to migrate the Aggregate Graphs below to a Template based Aggregate, they must only be using one Graph Template. Please press 'Return' and then select only Aggregate Graph that utilize the same Graph Template. 為了將下面的聚合圖遷移到基於模板的聚合,它們只能使用一個圖模板。請按“返回”,然後僅選擇使用相同圖表模板的聚合圖。
Return 返回
The selected Aggregate Graphs does not appear to have any matching Aggregate Templates. 選定的聚合圖表表示來自多個圖表模板的元素。
In order to migrate the Aggregate Graphs below use an Aggregate Template, one must already exist. Please press 'Return' and then first create your Aggregate Template before retrying. 為了將下面的聚合圖遷移到基於模板的聚合,它們只能使用一個圖模板。請按“返回”,然後僅選擇使用相同圖表模板的聚合圖。
Click 'Continue' and the following Aggregate Graph(s) will be migrated to use the Aggregate Template that you choose below. 單擊“繼續”,將遷移以下聚合圖以使用您在下面選擇的聚合模板。
Aggregate Template: 聚合模板:
There are currently no Aggregate Templates defined for the selected Legacy Aggregates. 目前沒有為選定的舊聚合定義聚合模板。
In order to migrate the Aggregate Graphs below to a Template based Aggregate, first create an Aggregate Template for the Graph Template '%s'. 為了將下面的聚合圖遷移到基於模板的聚合,首先為圖形模板'%s'創建聚合模板。
Please press 'Return' to continue. 請按“返回”繼續。
Click 'Continue' to combine the following Aggregate Graph(s) into a single Aggregate Graph. 單擊“繼續”將以下聚合圖組合到單個聚合圖中。
Aggregate Name: 匯總名稱:
New Aggregate 新聚合
Click 'Continue' to add the selected Graphs to the Report below. 點擊“繼續”將選定的圖表添加到下面的報告中。
Report Name 報告名稱
Timespan 時間跨度
Align 對齊
Add Graphs to Report 添加圖表到報告
You currently have no reports defined. 您目前沒有定義報告。
Click 'Continue' to convert the following Aggregate Graph(s) into a normal Graph. 單擊“繼續”將以下聚合圖組合到單個聚合圖中。
Convert to normal Graph(s) 轉換為LINE1圖表
Click 'Continue' to associate the following Graph(s) with the Aggregate Graph. 單擊“繼續”將以下圖表與聚合圖表相關聯。
Associate Graph(s) Associate Graph(s)
Click 'Continue' to disassociate the following Graph(s) from the Aggregate. 單擊“繼續”以取消以下圖表與聚合的關聯。
Dis-Associate Graph(s) Dis-Associate Graph(s)
Click 'Continue' to place the following Aggregate Graph(s) under the Tree Branch. 單擊“繼續”將以下聚合圖放在樹枝下。
Destination Branch: 目的地分支:
Place Graph(s) on Tree 將圖放在樹上
Graph Items [new] 圖形項目[新]
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