Context English Chinese (Traditional)
Output to the Browser (within Cacti) 輸出到瀏覽器(在Cacti內)
Output to the Browser (raw XML) 輸出到瀏覽器(原始XML)
Save File Locally 本地保存文件
Available Templates [%s] 可用模板[%s]
The Template Import Failed. See the cacti.log for more details. 模板導入失敗。有關更多詳細信息,請參見cacti.log。
Import Template 匯入範本
Failed to access temporary folder, import functionality is disabled 無法訪問臨時文件夾,導入功能被禁用
dropdown action Publish 發佈
dropdown action Un-Publish 取消發布
dropdown action Un-Lock 已上鎖
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Tree. 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下樹。
Delete Tree 刪除樹
Click 'Continue' to publish the following Tree. 單擊“繼續”以發布以下樹。
Publish Tree 發布樹
Click 'Continue' to un-publish the following Tree. 單擊“繼續”以取消發布以下樹。
Un-publish Tree 取消發布樹
Click 'Continue' to un-lock the following Tree. 單擊“繼續”以取消發布以下樹。
Un-lock Tree 取消發布樹
Trees [edit: %s] 樹木[編輯:%s]
Trees [new] 樹木[新]
Edit Tree 編輯樹
To Edit this tree, you must first lock it by pressing the Edit Tree button. 要編輯此樹,必須先按“編輯樹”按鈕將其鎖定。
Add Root Branch 添加根分支
Finish Editing Tree 完成編輯樹
This tree has been locked for Editing on %1$s by %2$s. 此樹已被%2$s s鎖定在%1$s上編輯。
To edit the tree, you must first unlock it and then lock it as yourself 要編輯樹,必須先將其解鎖然後將其鎖定為自己
Display 顯示
Tree Items 樹項目
Available Sites 可用站點
Available Devices 可用設備
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