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Can Not Restart Discovery for Discovery in Progress for Network '%s' 無法為網絡'%s'正在進行的發現重新啟動發現
Can Not Perform Discovery for Disabled Network '%s' 無法為禁用的網絡'%s'執行發現
ERROR: You must specify the day of the week. Disabling Network %s!. 錯誤:您必須指定星期幾。禁用網絡%s!。
ERROR: You must specify both the Months and Days of Month. Disabling Network %s! 錯誤:您必須同時指定月份和月份。禁用網絡%s!
ERROR: You must specify the Months, Weeks of Months, and Days of Week. Disabling Network %s! 錯誤:您必須指定月份,月份周和星期幾。禁用網絡%s!
ERROR: Network '%s' is Invalid. 錯誤:網絡'%s'無效。
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Network(s). 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下網絡。
Click 'Continue' to enable the following Network(s). 單擊“繼續”以啟用以下網絡。
Click 'Continue' to disable the following Network(s). 單擊“繼續”以禁用以下網絡。
Click 'Continue' to discover the following Network(s). 單擊“繼續”以發現以下網絡。
Run discover in debug mode 在調試模式下運行discover
Click 'Continue' to cancel on going Network Discovery(s). 點擊“繼續”以取消進行網絡發現。
Manual 手動
Daily 每日
Weekly 每週
Monthly 每月
Monthly on Day 每月一次
Network Discovery Range [edit: %s] 網絡發現範圍[編輯:%s]
Network Discovery Range [new] 網絡發現範圍[新]
General Settings 一般設定
Name 名稱
Give this Network a meaningful name. 為此網絡提供有意義的名稱。
New Network Discovery Range 新的網絡發現範圍
Data Collector 數據收集器
Choose the Cacti Data Collector/Poller to be used to gather data from this Device. 選擇用於從此設備收集數據的Cacti Data Collector / Poller。
Associated Site 相關網站
Choose the Cacti Site that you wish to associate discovered Devices with. 選擇您希望將發現的設備與之關聯的仙人掌網站。
Subnet Range 子網範圍
Enter valid Network Ranges separated by commas. You may use an IP address, a Network range such as or, or using wildcards such as 192.168.*.* 輸入以逗號分隔的有效網絡範圍。您可以使用IP地址,網絡範圍(如192.168.1.0/24或192.168.1.0/,或使用通配符(如192.168。*。*)
Total IP Addresses IP地址總數
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Propagated Translated Cacti/syslog
Propagated Translated Cacti/core
Propagated Translated Cacti/routerconfigs
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Translated Cacti/reportit 星期


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