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Column Data 列數據
Scalar 純量
SNMP Agent Notification Log SNMPAgent通知日誌
Receiver 接收人/裝置
Log Entries 紀錄細節
Severity Level: %s 嚴重級別:%s
Click 'Continue' to delete the following VDEF. 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下VDEF。
Delete VDEF 刪除VDEF
Click 'Continue' to duplicate the following VDEF. You can optionally change the title format for the new VDEF. 單擊“繼續”以復制以下VDEF。您可以選擇更改新VDEF的標題格式。
Duplicate VDEF 重複VDEF
Click 'Continue' to delete the following VDEF's. 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下VDEF。
VDEF Name: %s VDEF名稱:%s
Remove VDEF Item 刪除VDEF項目
VDEF Preview VDEF預覽
VDEF Items [edit: %s] VDEF項目[編輯:%s]
VDEF Items [new] VDEF項目[新]
VDEF Item Type VDEF項目類型
Choose what type of VDEF item this is. 選擇這是什麼類型的VDEF項目。
VDEF Item Value VDEF項目值
Enter a value for this VDEF item. 輸入此VDEF項的值。
VDEFs [edit: %s] VDEFs [編輯:%s]
VDEFs [new] VDEFs [新]
Delete VDEF Item 刪除VDEF項目
The name of this VDEF. 此VDEF的名稱。
VDEFs that are in use cannot be Deleted. In use is defined as being referenced by a Graph or a Graph Template. 正在使用的VDEF無法刪除。使用中定義為由圖形或圖形模板引用。
The number of Graphs using this VDEF. 使用此VDEF的圖表數量。
The number of Graphs Templates using this VDEF. 使用此VDEF的圖表模板數。
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