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Item Type to be added.
Graph Tree
Select a Tree to use.
Graph Tree Branch
Select a Tree Branch to use for Graphs and Devices. Devices will be considered as Branches.
Cascade to Branches
Should all Branch Graphs be rendered?
Select a Site to filter for Devices and Graphs.
Select a Device Template to use to filter for Devices or Graphs.
Select a Device to be used to filter for of select for Graphs in the case of a Device Type.
Select a Graph Template for the Device to be used to filter for or select Graphs in the case of a Device Type.
Graph Name Regular Expression
A Perl compatible regular expression (REGEXP) used to select Graphs to include from the Tree or Device.
The Graph to use for this report item.
The Graph End time will be set to the scheduled report send time. So, if you wish the end time on the various Graphs to be midnight, ensure you send the report at midnight. The Graph Start time will be the End Time minus the Graph Timespan.
Alignment of the Item
Fixed Text
Enter descriptive Text
Font Size
Font Size of the Item
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