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Cacti technical support page. Used by developers and technical support persons to assist with issues in Cacti. Includes checks for common configuration issues.
The Cacti Log stores statistic, error and other message depending on system settings. This information can be used to identify problems with the poller and application.
Allows Administrators to browse the user log. Administrators can filter and export the log as well.
Poller Cache Administration
This is the data that is being passed to the poller each time it runs. This data is then in turn executed/interpreted and the results are fed into the RRDfiles for graphing or the database for display.
The Data Query Cache stores information gathered from Data Query input types. The values from these fields can be used in the text area of Graphs for Legends, Vertical Labels, and GPRINTS as well as in CDEF's.
Rebuild Poller Cache
The Poller Cache will be re-generated if you select this option. Use this option only in the event of a database crash if you are experiencing issues after the crash and have already run the database repair tools. Alternatively, if you are having problems with a specific Device, simply re-save that Device to rebuild its Poller Cache. There is also a command line interface equivalent to this command that is recommended for large systems.
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