English Chinese (Traditional)
%d Month %d月
%d Months %d個月
%d Year %d年
%d Years %d年
Check this box to assume this device is always elevated 取消選中此框可禁用此設備的備份。
The path to where your Configs will be archived (moved from TFTP directory) 將備份Configs的路徑,它必須是本地TFTP服務器寫入的路徑。
Technical Support [ %s ] 技術支持[%s]
%s devices backed up successfully. %s設備已成功備份。 <br>
%s devices failed to backup. %s設備無法備份。 <br>
%s devices disabled from backup. %s設備無法備份。 <br>
- Manual 手動
- Scheduled 已排程
Router Config for %s (%s) %s的路由器配置(%s)
Backup from %s 從%s備份
File: %s/%s 檔案:%s /%s
Account: [edit: %s] 帳號:[編輯:%s]
The directory of the stored device backups 保留舊備份的天數。
The last Backup time of the device 備份此設備的頻率。
The filename of the stored device backups 保留舊備份的天數。